Eight different projects define the unity of Moncler Genius.

Unity comes from focus, as interpretations of the Moncler ethos stem from the product. Each project has the classic Moncler down jacket as the main playground, stands on its own, and all of them unanimously converging on the item. Keeping function at the core and approaching the duvet as an object, unique experiments ensue. The creative soul of each project morphs with the Moncler soul, creating a new identity that is truly authentic. The message is straightforward, the creative content clear. Creativity fuels an ascending movement palpable everywhere. Moncler Genius acknowledges the singularity of the customers and the variety of their tastes, exploring fragmentation as an asset. Each Moncler Genius project is identified with a number. Numbers do not create a hierarchy, but facets to the whole, the Moncler Genius Building. 1 is for pure essence

  • 2 is for pop trademark
  • 3 in for playful flair
  • 4 is for pragmatic femininity
  • 5 is for dress as habitat
  • 6 is for wearable geometry
  • 7 is for subcultural subtleness
  • 8 is for going viral

6 Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya

Kei Ninomiya builds impactful silhouettes with Noir by multiplying modules into wearable geometries. For the first time, he applied his own painstaking craft to duvet, even turning it into knit.

7 Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara

Hiroshi Fujiwara is a cultural fomenter and a pop infiltrator. He has a personal way to subtly tweak items giving them a cult-status spin. He shifted the Moncler duvet to his own parameters.
8 Moncler Palm Angels

Moncler duvet reduced to the essence, with an exercise in merchandising translated into a gift shop, playing with slogans and logos to spread the message virally.


Will Smith enters the world of Moncler.

We call people Genius when they demonstrate skills and manifest ideas which feel unimaginable. As part of an ongoing pursuit, Moncler explores the many sides of Crazy Genius with an individual whose creativity has inspired the world.


Special Edition Genius. Debuted by Will Smith for Genius is Born Crazy, the Hanoverian jacket is available for the first time in red. The vibrant parka, an evolution of the iconic Maya, is inspired by the campaign which celebrates those born with a natural spark of Crazy Genius.


There are three pillars of Genius. The vision to see what is invisible to others, the ability to be the most adept multitasker, and the eternal struggle to keep an open mind. Will Smith represents the Crazy Genius as the one who can do-it-all in an all-or-nothing world.

Will Smith talks to Moncler for Genius is Born Crazy

‘There’s a comfort in uncertainty. When somebody is Genius they know they don’t know’
Introducing the faces of Genius is Born Crazy. Moncler explores the many sides of Crazy Genius with three individuals whose creativity has inspired the world.


Genius doesn’t yearn for attention. It rolls over, lies on its back, reveals its belly and attracts love like a magnet. Doug the Pug is a muse, fashion icon, and the most notorious member of Instagram’s dognoscenti. He was Born Crazy with a natural instinct that set him apart from the pack.


Mastering the expressions of everyday human sentiments, Doug the Pug has the formula down for creating a buzz like no other canine companion. This is his greatest trick yet.