With the charisma of a true temptress, Good girl gone Bad has been turning heads and hearts for years as a dangerously addictive floral blend. For the warmer season, KILIAN PARIS crafts its newest variation, Good girl gone Bad – Eau Fraîche, adding a cool and aquatic olfactive touch to the original. This temptress is in her element, as summertime sensuality reigns supreme.

Inspired by the biblical figure Eve, as well as the Hollywood icon Mae West who quipped: “When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better” - Good girl gone Bad embodies the conflicts between sweetness and sin in a whirlwind of a thousand petals. Revisited by perfumer Alberto Morillas, who crafted the original blend in collaboration with founder Kilian Hennessy, Good girl gone Bad – Eau Fraîche highlights its fleurs blanches, by adding a refreshing summery twist. Like a white day dress worn in the strong sun, that draws the eyes to all the right places, is a fragrance for thissort of half-innocent, half not-so-innocent head spin. Somewhere between narcotic and airy, it is the season’s nectar keeping summer bees busy.

The perfume opens with notes of luminous Orange Blossom from North Africa, alongside Roses from Turkey and Morocco but it is at its heart where this new blend comes true: Egyptian Jasmine Sambac is splashed with a watery uplift and the ever-voluptuous Tuberose is gentler and more carefree by a textured sensation of freshness. A modern and velvety drydown, with a distinctive floral Musk, reminds us that this temptress is experienced—she knows better than anyone that nothing is more seductive than innocence.

The perfume flacon features gold-tone hardware against frosted white glass. Upon its sides are a textured fresco, a KILIAN PARIS signature motif inspired by Achilles’s shield from Ancient Greek mythology. It represents Kilian Hennessy’s belief in the protective power of perfume.