Gucci will stand with its global community to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by making two separate donations of 1 million euros each to crowdfunding campaigns.

At a time when many are confined to their homes, Gucci is calling on its friends and followers from its global community—who share values of social justice for diversity, equality and freedom—to stand with the House in raising funds to alieve this crisis, by helping health services with equipment and powering the scientists who are working on vaccines and treatments.

In Gucci’s home country of Italy—particularly affected by the crisis—€1 million was donated by the House to the valiant efforts of the National Civil Protection Department through Intesa Sanpaolo’s For Funding crowdfunding platform to reinforce Italy’s health services and to source new ICU beds.

Gucci has also donated €1 million to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in support of the World Health Organization. The fund will help monitor and collect data on the spread of the virus to strengthen ICUs across the world, supply protection devices to health personnel, and fast-track the creation of vaccines and therapies.

“We Are All In This Together” is the call to action that will accompany Gucci’s crowdfunding campaign along with an illustration gifted by Rome-based artist MP5, depicting a person holding their hand to their heart in a symbol of solidarity.



Surgical gloves, yellow rose and hand mudras by Willy Ndatira @williamcult who explains: “The yellow rose in the language of flowers represents friendship, joy and good health. Personally, flowers are a symbol of life. The surgical glove is a reminder of how tirelessly health workers around the world are working to heal people and save lives. How hard it must be for them. Mudras are hand gestures used during meditation to channel your body’s energy flow to bring benefits like mindfulness, concentration and less anxiety.” Creative time shared as key to harmony, generosity and well-being, a message from talents and artists for the #GucciCommunity.

#AlessandroMichele @alessandro_michele

The #GucciCommunity stands behind aiding those most vulnerable in this crisis, join by donating now to the @unfoundation’s #COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund in support of the World Health Organization @who, and locally with @intesasanpaolo's #ForFunding campaign which supports the Italian Civil Protection Department #DipartimentoProtezioneCivile.

by Willy Ndatira @williamcult