Costa Navarino, the number one destination of the Mediterranean, is situated in the region of Messinia, in the southwest coast of Peloponnese, in Greece. The area, where Costa Navarino is located, has been shaped by more than 45 centuries of history and it presents one of the most mesmerizing seaside views of the Mediterranean Sea.
The facilities include 5-star hotels, luxury residences, conference facilities, spa and thalassotherapy centers, signature golf courses and offer a vast range of activities, which both adults and children can do all year long.


Located among lush olive trees and with a beautiful view to the Ionian Sea, the 320 deluxe rooms and suites of The Romanos Luxury Collection Resort range from 43 to 192 sqm. Almost every ground-floor unit has its private infinity pool, with the impressive 660sqm Royal Villa Koroni reinforcing the sense of luxury, without losing any of the hospitality offered, and creating a distinctive and inspiring environment.

The Romanos Luxury Collection Resort has been among the “Favourite Holiday Hotels: Europe, Turkey and Russia” to be awarded at the Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards for three consecutive years, in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and it was also included i the “Gold List 2012”. The Royal Villa Koroni has also been awarded the “Best Suite, Interior Design of the Year” at the European Hotel Design Awards in 2010.

Part of the Romanos resort are the Pero and Armyra restaurants, offering fish and seafood, the Anax lounge bar and other lounge areas, the self-cook barbecue areas, outdoor pools with a swim-up bar, private marquees and beautiful outdoor seating areas around fire pits. Many world-class amenities and a vast range of indoor and outdoor activities are also offered at the resort.


Ideal for family vacations, the 444 deluxe rooms, family rooms and suites of the Westin Resort Costa Navarino are located at a green hillside and range from 40 to 80 sqm. offering a golf, sea and pool view, large terraces or balconies with lounge areas and private infinity pools for most of the ground-floor units.

The resort complex also includes the magnificent 625-sqm Royal Villa Methoni, which offers butler-service, a spa treatment suite with a steam room, a media room, a private gym and an exclusive dining area with barbeque.

The facilities offered by the Westin Resort Costa Navarino include distinct restaurants, the Lagoon poolside bar and grill, the American-style Diner with a great variety of choices, swimming pools with swim-up bars, a library, a rustic lounge, many chill-out bars and many outdoor seating areas where guests can relax while enjoying the amazing view. Of course, many activities are available for the guests of the hotel and their children.

The Westin Resort Costa Navarino was included in the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List of 2015.


Navarino Dunes offer an unforgetable culinary experience to their guests, with a variety of restaurants. Tastes and aromas from Lebanon are featured in the “Nargile” restaurant, while the Japanese lounge bar and restaurant “Inbi” brings the gastronomy of the East to the west coast of Greece. For those looking to taste Italy’s regional cuisine, “Da Luigi” restaurant in the Agora is the place to be.

Of course, the gastronomy of Greece could not be absent from the Costa Navarino restaurants. Greek wineries are introduced to the guests of “Enoteca”, greek fish and seafood dishes are the main attractions of the “Armyra” and “Barbouni” restaurants, the famous greek ice creams made with high-quality ingredients are found in the “Kayak Boutique Store” in the Agora and – last but not least – the “Flame” restaurant offers exceptionally cooked steak dishes from the best-quality local meat accompanied with the freshest herbs and vegetables from the restaurant’s gardens.


The Anazoe Spa extends to 4,000 sqm and is multi-awarded for its services. The vast range of specialist treatments offered is based on ancient Greek practices together with kinisiotherapy ad floating pools. Also, a great variety of light therapies, ice-grotto rooms, mist showers, thalssotherapy and herbal saunas are featured in the Anazoe Spa facilities.

The spa also offers unique “oleotherapy®” treatments that were uncovered at King Nestor’s Palace in the region of Pylos and  date back to Homeric times.



The main philosophy of Costa Navarino is to promote the Messinian area, to protect and preserve the area’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. That is the reason why the building footprint of Costa Navarino is less than 10% of the total land area.

Part of the Costa Navarino’s philosophy of promoting the Messinian region and sharing stories of its heritage is the encouragement the resort provides to its residents to discover the beauty and cultural history of Messinia and to get to know the area’s traditions by participating in activities such as olive-oil and wine-making, cooking traditiona l recipes and becoming part of the local community through the Messinian Authenticity Program.


All sides of environmental protection are covered by the environmental management system of Costa Navarino. The resort applies sustainable water and energy management practices, while solid and liquid waste management is integrated and an extensive recycling program is at place. Also, recognizing the importance of the natural environment – part of which is the resort itself – Costa Navarino  has started many environmental programs to preserve the biodiversity and protect the ecologically important habitats in the areas surrounding it.


The Navarino Environmental Observatory (N.E.O.) is established to research and educate on the climate and environment of the Mediterranean region. With its founders being the Stockholm University, the Academy of Athens and TEMES, the NEO research station is a dynamic hub that allows scientists from everywhere in the world to do their research, exchange knowledge and ideas and develop new methods and tools. The hub also offers educational programs, linked to research taking place in the area and covering a vast range of topics.


The University of Stockholm, the Academy of Athens, the Hellenic Ornithological Society, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association and the Navarino Foundation have joined forces to form the “Navarino Natura Hall“, an interactive exhibition center. The Hall informs guests of the hotel, visitors, university or local school students and residents of the closeby area on the uniqueness and the beauty of the Messinian natural habitats and NEO’s work. Additionally, the Navarino Natura Hall offers visitors the opportunity to make themselves familiar with environmental issues and learn how to reduce the impact they have on the environment by changing small things of their daily routine.


The next phase of development for Costa Navarino includes a collection of luxury private properties which will be branded as “Navarino Residences” and will be located within the Navarino Dunes resort. Their exact location will either be on the hillsides, with a view of the sea and the golf course or on the beach, with a mesmerizing sea view of the Mediterranean. The design principles of Navarino Dunes will be followed and all the residences will feature outdoor pools, large outdoor living areas and unlimited sea views. Together with the residencies, the highest level of professional property management and services available from the resort’s facilities are also offered.


In the near future, Navarino Bay will open to showcase an upscale 5-star hotel, with sports and leisure facilities.

The Bay Course – an 18-hole signature golf course – is already in operation. The nearby Navarino Beach will become a lively site, including a 5-star hotel.

Two more golf courses, with 18 holes each, are on their way and will be situated at Navarino Hills, while boutique hotels and high-end facilities will also be featured in this area at a later date.

A golf course, sports and leisure facilities, accompanied by 5-star deluxe hotels, will also be featured at Navarino Blue in the future.