Francois Zille is one of the contemporary intellectuals and independent researchers that are also pioneers in the academic, artistic and professional genesis of the “Digital Era’s Paradigms”, with an holistic, ecological and systemic approach, as it was underlined by Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

Zille is a visual anthropoligist and language engineer, an hermeneutist and psycho-philosopher, a decor designer and decor therapist, a socio-analyst and senior strategist and a brand intensity & quantum experience engineer. His academic, professional and artistic works have been published under the patronage of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies and he has been the Independent Research Director & Professor at Academia Di Brera in Milan, former Independent Research Director and Visiting Professor at Master Politecnico Milano and former Professor at Academia Di Belle Arti in Verona.

Currently, he is the new Florence Biennale Senior Strategist & Brand Identity Engineer, Pelle Di Mare’s Founding Partner, Brand Identity Engineer & Art Director, the Hi-Venice Pelle Di Mare manufacturing company president and aTPA (Teatro Del Progetto Ambulance) Founding Partner & Theatricality Engineer.

As the son of a miner-cook-pastry chef from Friuli and a seasonal rice winnower from Ferrara, both Italian immigrants in post-war France, Francois Zille had to achieve excellence and to constantly shape his identity in order to survive. His Italian heritage played a very big role in his involvement with design and his aquired expertise of Visual Anthropologist. Zille’s professional career began in 1963, as a lftier at the Grand Hotel Continental in Via Manzoni in Milan, where he met famous people such as Jean Villard, Giorgio de Chrico, Tino Buazzelli and Gian Maria Volonte.

In 1967, Francois Zille entered in Advertising, almost by accident, before Pia de Fazio and Bob Elliott hired him to be their Junior Copywriter. After that and until 1970, he worked for other advertising agencies, before he finally expanded his sphere of creativity by opening the academic-artistic front. Since then, he has been a pioneer and a -neo-utopian innovator that was free from any subjection from the establishment.


"A Soul Brand"

Pelle Di Mare is a “Soul Brand”, tailor made for those who are passionate about the ocean and venerate it as the most exciting master of human dignity, energy efficiency and coolness.

The brand has an holistic, ecological and systemic approach, as it was outlined by Leonardo Da Vinci and is true to the new Italian ocean style. Pelle di Mare offers the purest “Made in Italy” leather and vegan luxury bags, jackets, belts and organic textiles.


An epochal upgrading of the rare and purest “MADE IN ITALY” consists of the design, stylistic, technological and productive refoundation of the authentic Italian luxurious artistic handicraft leatherwear, accessories and other goods strategic area. The refoundation takes place with the integration of a leonardian system in the degital era.

Pelle Di Mare’s pioneering innovation and creativity are expressed through the company’s Bio hi-tech luxury digital handicrafts fab-lab. There takes place the advanced planning and main sponsorship of an exclusive R&D project, focused on new nano technologies applications to natural leather, new materials and “vegetal leather” and, also, the continuous upgrading of multi-functional and multi-sensoral performances of leatherwear and goods, accessories, yachting and home organic textiles and furnishings, biorganic wear, no-jewels and more.


Spotting an urgent, transversal need for pioneers and native-digital entrepreneurs, who are innovative, creative and capable of jumping insted of stepping ahead, especially in the luxury artistic handicraft manufacturing sector, the elevationary digital era rises a culture that can allow harmony and resonnance with 10 of the most disruptive digital era pillars:

  1. Allpervadingness
  2. Multi-sensoriality
  3. Active tension to archetypes reconnectiveness
  4. Epochal genesis of a new PSA (Psycho-Sociological Anthropogram, in terms of a new anthropology of values
  5. High rate of innate ethicality, empathy and charism of brands, products and services and any notion of goods
  6. Allpervading highest rate of authenticity, uniqueness and excellence
  7. Epochal digital brainframe-focused by-pass of any notion of mediatorship and pseudological reification of life
  8. Primacy of companies social responsibility
  9. Genesis and blossoming of an always increasing number of independent luxury brands and players
  10. Primacy of “zero waste mentality”, glocal ecosustainability and use of renewable energy as ineluctable PPF priority planning factors.