The Bridge is a journey spanning fifty years. It’s a bridge that’s renewed by uniting tradition and modernity, nostalgia and joie de vivre, vintage and a green soul. It’s a story of superior-quality materials and skilled craft­smanship.

Established in Scandicci – once a small hamlet just outside Florence – since the very start, Il Ponte Pelletteria S.p.A. has distinguished itself for the production of handbags and accessories featuring a highly characterised style. Classic elegance, independent of fashion trends. The value of ‘Made in Italy,’ contained in the typically Florentine workmanship, combines with an essentially ‘English’ design.

From the large artisan workshop in the outskirts of Florence come high-quality products, constructed using the finest materials. This marks the beginning of an Anglo-Tuscan style, which soon becomes an inspiration for many.
During these first years, the undisputed star of all the collections marketed under The Bridge label is only premier, full-grain leather produced using exclusively local hides.
The best hides are strictly vegetable-tanned and processed according to the most rigorous crafting techniques, from the tanning stage to dying and buffing using amber rollers. The result is soft and resilient leather, with a luxurious and sheen finish that, with the passing of time, acquires the worn and unmistakable charm typical of all The Bridge products.

In 1987, the company moves its facilities to the manufacturing district of Scandicci, therefore growing from large artisan shop into a true industrial reality. From this moment on, the business becomes increasingly more significant for the economic fabric of the province and region.
Today, the company continues to produce accessories in leather as well as other materials including canvas, embossed PU and technical fabrics.