Precision Is in the Details

Designed for Legibility

The Optical Crystal Experience

The Manufacture has created a complex double curved glareproofed sapphire crystal, whose tense, arched profile embodies the watch’s contemporary design.

The glass’s internal surface is shaped like a dome, while its external surface is vertically curved from 6 to 12 o’clock. Its shape perfectly integrates the extrathin bezel and extends from edge to edge. Playing with depth, perspective and light, this double curved sapphire crystal dives into the world of optics for a unique visual experience, while enhancing the detailed work on the dial.

The polished chamfer all around the glass adds the finishing touch, while echoing the perfect finish of the bezel, lugs and case.


Depth and Refinement

Raised 3-D Logo Created Atom by Atom and Applied by Hand

The extra-thin bezel brings forward the artistry of the smooth lacquered dial.

The Audemars Piguet signature, which measures 12.5 mm in length, presents a unique topography, driving the art of horology to its limits. Made of thin layers of 24-carat gold, it is achieved through a chemical process akin to 3-D printing known as galvanic growth. Each letter is connected with links approximately the size of a hair and placed by hand on the dial with tiny legs almost invisible to the eye.

Galvanic growth, which derives from micro-electronics, enables to reach micrometric precision. Although used in horology for movements, this technique is used for the first time with 24-carat gold. Going against initial warnings regarding the feasibility of such a logo, Audemars Piguet engineers followed their firm convictions. Making no compromise, they went through an extensive prototyping process, testing a wide array of variations before settling on final procedures and proportions.


Movement Variety

Six Calibres of the Latest Generation

This collection features a large choice of six in-house calibres of the latest generation.

Among these six calibres, three are new: an integrated column wheel chronograph with flyback function, a selfwinding calibre with seconds and date indication, and a selfwinding flying tourbillon calibre.

High-end finishing is the very essence of Audemars Piguet’s watches. In respect of Audemars Piguet’s traditions and values, these movements are beautifully decorated to the slightest details with a wide array of finishing techniques, including “traits tirés”, “Côtes de Genève”, circular graining, circular satin, diamond-polished angles and gold-toned engravings.



The deep blue lacquered dial is enhanced by the white gold case, an applied gold 3-D Audemars Piguet signature made in galvanic growth, as well as curved gold indexes and Arabic numerals.

This watch is powered by a new selfwinding movement, calibre 4302, that features a dedicated 22-carat gold oscillating weight. With a large diameter of 32 mm and a frequency of 4 Hertz, this calibre insures reliability and accuracy.

The straight integration of the strap in the continuity of the openworked lugs reveals the complex architecture of the case and its refined handfinishing.

The selfwinding chronograph’s deep blue lacquered dial offers a perfect mirror finish. The pink gold case echoes the polished gold curved indexes and singular numeral at 12 o’clock as well as the raised logo and long stick hands. The chronograph counters are circled by gold threads with polished V angles, a difficult finishing on lacquered dials.

The new in-house calibre 4401 symbolizes Audemars Piguet’s spirit of independence and constant quest for innovation. This calibre is endowed with an instant-jump date indication, integrated column wheel chronograph and flyback function that enables to re-start the chronograph without stopping and resetting it first. It has 70 hours of power reserve, as well as a dedicated 22-carat pink gold openworked oscillating weight visible through the caseback. With a frequency of 4 Herz, this calibre also presents reinforced chronometry.

This movement features a variety of refined finishing techniques including “traits tirés”, diamond-polished angles, “Côtes de Genève”, circular graining, chamfering and gold-toned engraving.