Its heart: electric. Its soul: Porsche.

A battery that stores goosebumps.
Taycan Turbo S

  • 26,9
  • kWh/100 km
  • 0
  • g/km

The Taycan carries a legacy that is reflected by performance. The latest drive technology ensures that its performance can be repeatedly reproduced: two permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PSMs) catapult the Taycan Turbo S with up to 560 kW (761 PS) overboost with Launch Control from 0–100 km/h in 2.8 seconds.

A cable with the power to fuel dreams.

The Porsche soul stands for performance. In every respect. As demonstrated by the Taycan, even when charging: its 800-volt architecture produces charge power of up to 270kW. In five minutes, the vehicle can be charged to enable a range of up to 100km (WLTP) under optimum conditions¹ and is always ready for what its driver is thinking about the whole day: driving.
¹ Optimum conditions: CCS fast-charging pedestal with >270kW, >850V, battery temperature 30°C to 35°C and initial charge status 5%.

A display that portrays emotions.

The Porsche Advanced Cockpit in the Taycan is characterised by pioneering technologies and offers up to four displays. The fully digital curved display is the driver’s main focus. But what really distinguishes the Taycan is the feeling behind the wheel: the familiarity of a Porsche coupled with the irresistible beating of your heart.


Puristic, expressive, timeless. Three attributes that describe every Porsche – and especially this one, which takes our DNA into a new automotive era.
Four-point LED headlights
Lateral air intakes (aircurtains)
16.8-inch curved display


Taycan Turbo S

  • 26,9
  • kWh/100 km
  • 0
  • g/km

The Taycan is ready for the future, thanks to its innovative total concept. It is characterised by the features that have always been decisive for any Porsche: pure emotion and maximum driving pleasure.**

  • 2,8 s
  • Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h with Launch Control
  • 560 kW/761 PS
  • Overboost Power with Launch Control up to (kW)/Overboost Power with Launch Control up to (PS)
  • 388 - 412 km
  • Range combined (WLTP)


The key to designing an outstanding drivetrain was the systematic continuation of the purpose-design approach: no compromises with the perfect interaction of drive components.**

  • 800-volt Performance Battery
  • Permanent magnet synchronous machine
  • Porsche Recuperation Management (PRM)
  • Charging
  • In terms of charging time and range, the Taycan also demonstrates what makes a genuine Porsche. Because we believe that a sports car should be ready to set off at all times, we do our utmost to facilitate simple charging that is integrated into everyday life.
  • Porsche Charging Service
  • Home Energy Manager
  • Porsche Intelligent Range Manager